Our filters and strainers range from simple shapes and routine configurations to complex assemblies - in widths, lengths and diameters of less than 1/16" to over 24".  We can fabricate from your existing designs, or provide assistance with new projects.

We offer an array of filter media to choose from including wire cloth, laminated wire cloth, etched metal and perforated metal.

Etched metal and laminated wire cloth are premium grade materials that offer excellent properties for many high-tech applications.  Our technical department can provide additional information regarding these unique materials.

Perforated metal is available with many different combinations of gauge, hole size, shape and pattern.

Wire cloth alone or combined with a support core has widespread appeal and is used extensively.  The performance characteristics of wire cloth are determined by the mesh count and wire size, and affect capabilities such as particle retention and flow rate.  Consult the Material Selector for assistance in choosing the proper grade of materials for your next project.


Manufacturing techniques such as adhesive bonding, clinching, soldering and resistance welding are commonly used for assembly purposes.  We can attach components supplied by your company or create them for you in the form of machined fittings or stampings.

Common secondary operations include annealing, calendaring, hemming, passivating, plating, sintering and special packaging.  Integral gaskets, molded to your specifications is another option.  Any of these design variations can be tailored to suit your needs.